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Newspapers - a brilliant, cost effective way for artists to display their photographic portfolios.

Koto Bolofo, Wild Flowers - "The First One 2019"

The Newshound were very proud to count Koto Bolofo as one of its recent customers.

Wild Flower Portfolio by Koto Bolofo
Wild Flowers - Koto Bolofo

During a meeting Koto outlined a brief to us where he expressed a wish to create a newspaper based illustrative guide to a photographic portfolio that he had recently completed.  The portfolio consisted of images of the local flora and fauna all taken with his iPhone at various locations.  You would be astounded as to the diversified imagery he managed to capture.  We laid out the images one per large Broadsheet page and we all thoughts the results were amazing and well received by Koto, who wrote us a kind message saying that he was really happy with the results.

Obviously the original content is by far the most important factor but we like to think that being able to reproduce images at this large display size at a reasonable cost helps artists and the creative community to publicise their work using the natural and retro look and feel of a newspaper.

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