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Slightly smaller than the traditional tabloid, compact tabloids are stapled together for a truly professional finish. Their diminutive size makes them highly “commuter friendly”, so there’s no reason to elbow the person in the next seat whilst reading it.

Printed using HD inks on environmentally accredited Nautilus Natural 80gsm recycled paper - This paper is the same colour shade as conventional newspaper but is more substantial, the results are awesome!

We’ll print your compact tabloids and deliver them anywhere in the UK within 3-5 working days or in under 48 hours at request - simply indicate your preference at the checkout.

Need 300+ copies?

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Compact Tabloid Size | Specifications

Measures: 244mm x 316mm

Printable Area: 234mm x 306mm

Download/view compact tabloid newspaper PDF template:


Compact Tabloid Printing Prices

Printing a single copy of your compact tabloid can cost as little as £18, including delivery. Compact tabloid printing uses HD toner based digital printing technology where we print on where we print on Nautilus Natural 80gsm recycled paper, to give the most vivid & ecological results available.


Please contact us on 0800 0354580 or email us on if you require 300+ copies of your compact tabloid newspaper.

The Original Digital Newspaper Printers

The News Hound were the first company in the world to print newspapers using high speed inkjet technology. So, if you’ve had a newspaper digitally printed, it’s more than likely we actually printed it for you. 


We use the Océ Jetstream inkjet machine to print all of our newspapers. It prints on standard newsprint grades, so your finished newspaper products actually look and feel identical to their traditionally printed stable mates.

Océ Jetstream Inkjet Printer

What is a broadsheet newspaper?

What is a compact tabloid newspaper?


Smaller than a standard tabloid but larger than a zine, the compact tabloid was born out of desire to reduce paper waste and provide a more affordable newspaper printing service.


The News Hound prints its newspapers with an industrial sized inkjet printing machine. It works just like your average desktop printer-copier that you would find in most homes and offices, except the paper is not in A4 sheets, it comes in huge half ton reels. The maximum reel width for these large scale printing machines is 520mm which is, coincidentally the height of our broadsheet newspaper page.


With the need to regularly swap industrial-sized half ton paper reels between tabloid and broadsheet printing runs we had a thought… why not rotate the design by 90 degrees and print double spreads across the full width of a paper reel…

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