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Magazine & Supplement Printing

Glossy Magazines and Supplements are welcome additions to The News Hound product line. We use the highest quality papers using HD digital printing technology which allow us to offer you products that are indistinguishable from those found on the shelves at newsagents and supermarkets.

In terms of page size, you can have complete flexibility - up to a maximum page width of 238mm and a maximum page height of 315mm.

Magazines and Supplements

Up to a maximum width of 238mm

Up to a maximum page height of 315mm

Info & Templates


Glossy Magazines

Glossy Magazines are perfect bound rather than stitched or stapled, so you get a smart square spine together with a gloss laminated cover to underline the quality aspect that this format affords you. The covers are printed on a 170gsm art paper and the inside pages on a lighter 130gsm art paper.

We can also produce “Spoof” versions of your favourite magazines where we simply replace the original cover and seamlessly replace it with your own design….ideal for a gift.


Supplements look identical in look and feel to the magazines and booklets that you would expect to see inside a Sunday paper. We use an unlaminated 150gsm cover paper with a 115gsm for the inside pages that are stapled or stitched together. This format would also be suitable for sales or product catalogues.

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